Near the Breton border

All this copious French food meant I was due for a morning run. I headed towards Kermoisan, passing by the many “biscuiteries Bretonnes”.

I passed by the lovely hamlet of Tregate:

Outside of Tregate were the salt marshes of Guerande, which form a spider’s web on Google maps.

The paludier’s belongings are put to rest on Sunday:

In the background you can see the Saint Guenole in Batz-sur-mer.

The salt marshes are defined by muddy paths, which all but ruined by trainers.

I rejoined the road, going up midway through the saltmarshes before walking along the road to Pouliguen.

The “port de plaisance” in Pouliguen:

Which continues along the beach of La Baule escoublac:

In the afternoon, it was time to settle back and enjoy the sun.

Or for those with more sunburn-prone skin, slowly hide in the shade of the tent.

Dinner tonight was a Greek feast:

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