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Hi! My name is Trouspinet and I am an old teddy 🐻 who was lucky to be found in the very early 70s by a little girl at her school fair in one of those games where you try to catch a prize with a hook and line. My previous owner must have thought it was time to get rid of me. This could have been a very sad decision for me, but sometimes something that appears to be a setback turns out to be the beginning of an exciting new life. In my case, a life full of adventures and love!

Thanks to my new owner, I travelled a lot but at first, I did not have the tools to share my adventures with other people or other teddies. Then I discovered the internet and other travellers’ blogs, and being a modern-minded teddy, I decided to write my own.

With Trouspinet Travels I hope to share the beauties of our planet with you – whether they be natural wonders or human creations.

I wish you happy reading and if you like my blog please add a “like” or leave me a comment.


Trouspinet 🧸.

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