Today I had a boat excursion with the family from Pornic to Noirmontier. (Skipping the day that involved 25 hours traveling by plane and train to get there)

In the early morning, I prepared my pack lunch:

Pornic is a lovely little town:

All aboard the pirate boat:

Hidden underneath the deck was a very French breakfast:

The ship is run by a Sailor dog named Jasmine:

Breakfast was served

Under his watchful gaze.

At this point, everyone on the boat was looking very French.

Before landing at Noirmontier, It was aperitivy time:


The family settled camp for lunch, causing fellow travellers to flee:

A little beach nearby with cute huts on stilts:

Another, larger beach with villas on the side.

The old lighthouse:

Tourists strictly following the rules:

Sailor dog led the taxi back to the ship:

Finishing a very French day with a French summer time dinner: pate-en-croute, jambon, rillettes, cornichons, salade et melon!

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