I made it first on the 8am bus to Fenghuang.

As everyone else waited for the bus driver, they proceeded to enjoy breakfast. It seems quite common to eat in public transport here. Some even eating ramen and other smelly foods that would seem impractical for a bus ride.

On the bus ride, a lady started talking and kept on going (all in very fast Chinese).

She then started passing out small packets of food before going back to the front of the bus and kept talking whilst holding up larger packets – which she was successfully selling (The set cost 300 yuan). It was a bit strange as she was also the ticket inspector.

All that to say that this was the opposite of a quiet bus ride.
She then passed her unnecessary microphone (baring in mind that this was a small bus) to another lady who started passing out cards for a hotel and a driver.

When I arrived at Fenghuang, I got desperately lost, causing me to visit the town:

Cultural square:

(Some ladies were singing badly and very loudly into a microphone here)

In China, shoes need hats too.

Crabs on a stick:

Playing cards on the city wall:

South gate:

Little old me started feeling nauseous so after climbing up and down the staircase of the South gate and round in circles (another sweaty day), I took a nap at the hotel, which has a nice terrace view over the old city.

After sunset, Fenghuang becomes a sort of night time attraction park, with lots of bright flashy lights.

People queue to walk on the stepping stones in the river.

And one can ride boats lighten up with Chinese lanterns down the river.

Some cute looking ice creams:

Scattered around town are small shops selling drums

The restaurants keep live animals outside, and not just fish:

(Not a vegan-friendly area)


The town is pretty but seems to have lost authenticity for the sake of tourism, with its empty bars and nightclubs, its never ending souvenir shops and juice bars.

9 thoughts on “Fenghuang

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  1. Hey Alexandra, I love your posts and I look forward to them every day! I hope you didn’t think that because i wasn’t commenting i wasn’t reading/ wasn’t interested. Also Trouspinet is too cute – but is there a stain on his collar? Maybe he needs a new collar after travelling around all Summer 🙂
    I also really love the commentary. Highlights today include the hats for the shoes and the cute ice creams 🙂
    From what i’ve been reading it sounds like you are doing a lot of walking around and up and down big steep areas in the heat! It also looks like you’ve been staying in a full spectrum of accommodation – today’s place looks quite nice with that view! (better than the one where you said something like “when you pay cheap, you get cheap”. How is the food overall?


  2. Trouspinot a toujours autant d’humour et m’amuse bien. Au fait il est au régime? Il ne nous parle plus de ses repas photos à l’appui! Tu n’as pas voulu les flipflops à chapeau? Tu aurais du succès à la Baule. Ici il fait très chaude. Bisous


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