Fenghuang -> Guilin

Good morning! 😊

Before leaving Fenghuang, I went for a quick stroll.

The remains of a Chinese chess game:

Also known as Xiangqi

As I checked out, the manager kindly gave me a packet of something (it was very sweet, seemed to have sesame or ginger in it).

Fenghuang is a town built in the 1700s, and its architecture is representative of the Qing dynasty. Its population consists of a range of ethnic minorities such as Miao, Tujia and Han.

This 5 jiao banknote (which is no longer in circulation since 1999) shows the Miao (left) and Zhuang (right) children.

A lady in traditional Miao costume posed for the camera:

In the bus, 2 Brits became acquainted, at which point I quickly learnt that the person behind me was a “remoaner”. Another fun bus trip.

After a 6 hour bus ride to Guilin, I bought a ticket for Heping, with a taxi expecting me there to take me to the hotel in Dazhai.

Not to bore anyone with the hiccups I experienced along the way, lets just say that I reached my hotel:

Not long after I got my pyjamas on, I heard a knock on the door and I was given a seat for the toilet.

I’ve never actually tried one of these before 🤔

10 thoughts on “Fenghuang -> Guilin

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  1. Super Sasha!J’ai bien ri en voyant le système de toilettes!J’espère que tu es maintenant dans des endroits plus civilisés?Mais quel voyage extraordinaire tu fais!Tu auras plein de choses à me raconter…Gros bisous et bonne continuation.Nanouchka

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  2. J’ai eclate de rire à la vue du siège des toilettes et la famille Ralph Lauren and Co s’est retournee….elle qui devait se demander sI j’avais une voix est maintenant rassurée. As-Tu essayé l’engin? C’est qd mème très curieux. Comme on dit les voyages forient la jeunesse! Tu en as encore beaucoup comme cela? Ici ou les toilettes sont en dur tout va bien!


      1. My hotel was in the old town but I didn’t have to pay to reach it. I only wandered around in the evening as I was ill. I think the guide mentioned that you need to pay to visit the buildings (which I didnt).


      2. Ok thanks. I’ll take a chance. If I go early morning maybe I can sneak in haha. I don’t want to pay just to walk down a narrow old street particularly.


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