Leaving in the snow

Today I left early for Osh, former Capital of Kyrgyzstan and a city on the Silk road. Bright light woke me up in time to see the sunrise over Murghab.

After breakfast, I rode quickly to the Tajik border. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it  had snowed overnight, making for frequent stops along the route for photographs.

Passing through Ak-baital pass again:

Karakul lake:

Cute sign post in Karakul village of a pedestrian crossing.

In the end I changed my mind about Tajikistan and left the country really liking the place.  I was really glad that I spent some time there.

This reminded me of kinder chocolate or tiramisu. They don’t usually eat desserts here.

Desperate chocolate cravings. 🍫🍫🤤

Cute kissing marmottes.

Snickers break/lunch after crossing the Kyrgyz border.

The road to Osh is very busy, with all kinds of travellers.

From entire herds being guided at horseback

to large haystack with forgotten pitchforks on top

And barn animals.

After a long drive, I checked in and swam in the pool at the Classic Hotel in Osh.

Before going out for dinner.

On the way to the restaurant 《Izyum》, I greeted Lenin.

More central Asian naan bread. This is usually served at every meal and it is said to cause bad luck if put upside down.

After having just a snickers for lunch, dinner quickly disappeared.

In the restaurant, there was a singer who sang local songs, leading to a pleasant evening.

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  1. Thank you Trouspinet, all very interesting and dramatic. Les paysages sont superbes mais je ne suis pas sure que l’hotellerie conviendrait aux Mair! Continue a partager ton voyage car c’est vraiment interessant.

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