Kazakh border

Unfortunately today I had another early start and took a taxi to the Kazakh border, crossed the border on foot and found a driver, on the other side, willing to take me to Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan.

The Border was crossed with no problem.

My first impression of the Kazakhstan is that the countryside is very different to Kyrgyzstan. The road to Almaty is just one big plain.

I (finally) had a proper lunch at the hotel’s restaurant in Almaty.

After lunch, I strolled through Almaty.

My first stop was in front of the Kazakh- British Technical Museum.

At resto bar, I had (for the first time since this trip started) my favourite drink: iced coffee.

Refreshed, I went to the theatre, which was closed.

Astana city! Now the capital of this country.

I went to a nice looking wine shop to try some local Kazakh wine.

It turned out, they didn’t have any. The wine was good but don’t try what is in featured in the picture above (strawberry rum).

Finding the warrior within. 👹⚔

In the evening, I was at the airport, ready for my flight to Beijing, but not before treating myself.

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